Living Better Counseling

l do not listen to people's problems for a living. I get the privilege to hear solutions and find strengths. Below are a few amazing stories that keep me doing what I love most. ~Carolina Robbins, LCSW

Me and my husband (which was my fiancée at the time) were having a very difficult time communicating to the point where we were going to cancel our wedding. I never had to look for a therapist before so I didn't know what to really do and how to start, all I knew was that we needed help fast. I called over 10 therapist and they were more focused on the money and payment options but not on our huge issue. When I called Carolina I left a message and she called me back the same day. Instead of telling me her cost and the session fees she asked me what was wrong. She showed me that she wanted to help, and that helping us get through this horrible rough patch was her main focus. From the first session to the last she didn't judge or make any one of us feel awkward. She gave us tools and couples exercises to do and brought us to a middle ground of understanding. She wasn't a typical lay on the couch therapist, she made us feel comfortable even when the topics were hard.  I am married today and I can seriously say if it wasn't for her we wouldn't be married or be lost in our relationship. She gave us the tools and helped us understand what a healthy marriage is made us and how to keep the communication road open. Even after our sessions ended and even till today she still calls and that is why I would recommend her to the world.  She goes above and beyond in every session and even after the sessions. We found a gem when we found her to be our therapist and we are forever grateful. If you want the best and if you want someone who will help you really fix any problem, then you have to hire the best. She is the best.


Hola Carolina !

I think of you often and on days like today I think of all the amazing beings that have been in my path. You have been such a wonderful gift to find along the way. You’ve helped me find so much peace and balance. Words will not be enough to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate you. I love you for the soul that you are. Your professional passion and your words gave me the strength to push through. Thank you for the tools you provided me. I aim for improvement everyday and you are one of those little voices inside my head telling me that it’s all going to be ok.